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About Us

How Posh Plus came to be.
A few years back around Christmas I decided I needed to take on a second job, I was hired at a local plus size women’s shop. After a few weeks I started to notice that we had a tremendous amount of male customers looking to buy their significant others lingerie. These men were looking for something pretty, sexy, classy and lacy or silky any of these would have made their day, but I couldn’t help them. We carried only bras and panties in that department and they were nice but not lingerie.
Long Story Short...,I seen the need and wanted to do something about it.
That’s when I started to dream of having a plus size lingerie shop, but then I thought even further and realized there were many more items that weren't readily available or easy to find. We are still NEW but keep checking back to see all the new collections to be added.
That is how poshplus came to be!!
I sincerely hope you enjoy browsing our site.
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